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We are ModelEarth

At ModelEarth we design and manufacturer a range of resin locomotives and rolling stock, suitable for 7/8ths and 1/12th scale railways. All of our rolling stock can be used for either 32mm or 45mm gauge railways. 

Our rolling stock ranges consists of separate chassis and bodies.

These chassis are an Estate pattern (in the style of Heywood), a Rugga style skip base, and a Welsh chassis (which forms the basis of our quarry range).  Most of the components are made from a high quality polyurethane resin but, where extra durability and strength are required, components are produced in brass.

Most of the bodies we make can be used with any of our chassis. However our Bulkhead Flats, Man Rider and Bolster/Bogie are chassis specific.

Please note that our kits are supplied in un-primed resin/brass. We do offer a custom painting and weathering service to those who would prefer to buy finished items.

example of our work

We are happy to pause in our quest for world domination to discuss any aspects of narrow gauge railway modelling with you.


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